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Why we love giraffe!

Freedom to explore this little piece of African paradise!

​​One of the best things about visiting eKhaya Bush Villa on Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is the freedom your stay gives you to explore this little piece of African paradise, which has its own wonderful green belt wilderness area at its heart. This is home to a variety of African wildlife species – the most iconic of which by far is the graceful giraffe!

Standing some 5m tall when they are full-grown, there’s lots to love about giraffe, with their super-long legs, elegant necks and wonderfully patterned coats. Like all mammals (humans included) giraffes have only seven vertebrae in their necks – the difference is that each of those vertebrae is around 28cm long! Their long prehensile tongues manage to wrap around the branches of acacia trees and strip off leaves while avoiding thorns – a very clever trick when you look at just how many thorns these trees have!

Sadly, giraffe are under threat across Africa. During the last 30 years their numbers have fallen by 40% and a few of the various subspecies are now critically endangered. But here on Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate they have a safe haven, and can be seen regularly in towers (the collective noun for a group of giraffe standing still) as they feed from the tops of the trees and in journeys (the collective for a group of giraffe on the move) as they move from one area to another.

You are welcome to explore the estate on foot or can hire a mountain bike and explore the various cycle paths and routes that criss-cross it. Or we can arrange for you to explore on horseback – African Dream Horse Safaris are based on the estate and have regular outrides into the wilderness area.

We hope to see you soon!

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